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chimera creative works washington mo digital design agency providing our business and personal clients the highest quality audio and marketing content voice over music for marketing

So you have a brand, an identity, a business, a logo,
awesome photos and amazing videos...
but you use stock music?


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All Abilities Athletics THEME

Chimera Creative Works in conjunction with our Nashville affiliate partner, RMB Creative, 
develops and writes your very own original music for marketing.

We build an original set of Music for Marketing audio tracks in broadcast standard, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 180 second segments.
We capture your message on video, apply the correct length audio track and boom! 

Now you, your brand, your business sound like you and no one else.

Checkout the samples below... oh, and did we mention, extremely affordable.

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Chimera Creative Works THEME


Outdoor Collective Zephyr Series Tents THEME

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