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Okay, time to Schedule your amazing Experience!


Photo session are always super fun, but we want to make certain we help tell your story with all the important parts. Below when you complete the My Session for let us know what is your WHY for this shoot... special person, event, moment in life, time for celebration, you want to appear smart & sassy... well you get the picture!


WHO will be in the session plays a critical role as does HOW. So you will need to select if this is an individual shot or your whole clan, and for style, we cover the range from formal, have & relax, to romantic. If you have an idea that is not exactly one of the choices below, we can certainly work to accommodate your needs.


The LOCATION helps frame the mood of the session, as well as inspire it. Chimera Creative Works also has a 3000 square foot Studio on Main Street in Downtown Washington, MO, and access to more than 5000 square feet of residential space for highly creative and controlled sessions...

If you have another location in mind fantastic, let's make certain it is available for your preferred date and time, and get it booked.

Note that some locations require fee-based permits to conduct a photography session. For example, Tower Grove Park in St. Louis is $50 while Forrest Park is $500. Most locations in the State of Missouri do not.


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